Refinery Vega Ploiesti

Vega Ploiesti Refinery has become a member of Rompetrol Group after the acquisition, in 1999 of the main stake held by the state.
Vega Refinery is part of the history of oil industry in Romania and for over 100 years has been a landmark of progress.

With an installed processing capacity of 500,000 tons of oil per year, Vega is specialized in processing alternative raw materials (naphtha, refined RC, C5-C6 fraction, other oil fractions and fuel oil) and in producing ecological solvents, asphalt for special uses, ecological fuels for heating and other specialized products.

The refinery owns both installations for atmospheric and vacuum distillation of crude oil and installations for processing alternative raw materials and this atypical character grants it an important position among the preferences of customers interested in special products.

Refinery Vega Ploiesti

– Vega refinery construction
- initial processing capacity: 200 000 tons /year

– reconstruction after World War II 

-  processing capacity: 980 000 tons/year

– the installation for petroleum solvents for chemical and petrochemical industry starts functioning

– Vega Refinery becomes a stock commercial company

May - ROMPETROL Bucharest purchases the main stake held by the state at Vega Refinery.
October – it is registered with the Chamber of Commerce under the new name of Rompetrol Rafinare – Vega Refinery SA Ploieşti.
At present, Vega Refinery is going through a significant process of development and modernization.